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About Us

‘We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.’

(Winston Churchill)

At Give10Back we believe that everyone loves a great deal. We also believe that people want to help make the world a better place. Give10Back makes it easy to do both. Find your favorite brand name products at deeply discounted prices (up to 75% off) on Give10Back and we'll automatically donate 10% of your purchase price to your favorite school, church or charitable organization. There's no cost to you!

U.S. retailers sell approximately $5 trillion dollars’ worth of merchandise annually yet manufacturers consistently (and wastefully) produce more than that every year. What happens to the billions of dollars’ worth of excess product? Much of this product gets 'stranded' or 'orphaned' in the retail supply chain causing retailers a headache, that is, stuck in a distribution center or warehouse somewhere in the United States. Some even gets sent to landfills despite being brand new, unopened box merchandise.

Sadly, as a society we are rapidly consuming the Earth's natural resources (mining) to manufacture the very same brand new stranded / orphaned products that, due to inefficiencies in the retail supply chain, might end up in a landfill. In other words, digging a hole (mining) to make something (manufacturing) to fill the hole (landfill) with a similar thing you made (orphaned/stranded products). It's a wasteful, unsustainable cycle.

Meanwhile, the world has changed but fundraising hasn’t. Fundraising in 2017 is exactly like it was in 1977. My 5-year old son William and his soccer team are selling the same sugar and fat laden bland milk chocolate bars my football team sold when I was a kid. (By ‘sold’ I mean my siblings and I ate most of them and made my parents foot the bill). My 7-year old daughter Siena is selling unhealthy cookie dough to my health-conscious neighbors to raise money for her team! Today people are more socially, environmentally and health conscious than ever yet most fundraising companies seem oblivious to these massive cultural trends. (BTW – those same neighbors that support my daughter’s team indirectly blame me for undermining their diets!)

We created Give10Back to literally change the world. Part deal site, part fundraiser, and part environmental surrogate, Give10Back offers consumers products and brands they actually want and need at prices they love while supporting causes that are ‘near & dear’ to them – all while saving the planet!

From all of us at Give10Back - 'Thank You'.


Walter Engelbrecht - Founder

Give10Back - Rethinking Retail. Furthering Fundraising.