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E-Commerce Product Lister / Catalog Editor

We created Give10Back to literally change the world. Part deal site, part fundraiser, and part environmental surrogate, Give10Back offers consumers products and brands they actually want and need at prices they love while supporting causes that are ‘near & dear’ to them – all while saving the planet! We help people save lots of money on things they already buy while giving schools, churches, and charities 10% of the sales. Hundreds of schools, PTAs, PTOs, churches, and non-profits including animal rescues, Boy/Girl Scouts, Little Leagues, & others rely on Give10Back for its free, easy, profitable, and year round online shopping fundraiser program.

Currently, we’re seeking highly motivated individuals to create, edit and update new product listings on our Shopify e-commerce website. Speed & accuracy are crucial.

Primary Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Assess product condition & suitability (minimum MSRP, minimum condition) for resale on Give10Back.com;
  • Identify product UPC, weight, and size dimensions;
  • Use vendor manifests, Google, Amazon and/or other sources to determine product MSRPs (as opposed to retail or sale pricing);
  • Calculate both our landed COGS and Asking Price using percentages provided by a manager;
  • Record products UPCs;
  • Create or update product listings in Shopify;
  • Look up existing internal SKUs and create/assign new SKUs as needed;
  • Identify existing SKUs with more than one vendor, i.e. possible COGS difference;
  • Affix static SKU stickers to products in a consistent, logical and shelf space optimized position;
  • Reword product titles to be unique (for SEO);
  • Mash-up existing product descriptions to both stimulate & inform shoppers’ interests while simultaneously providing pertinent specification information, i.e. artistic, descriptive prose combined with the technical aspects of the products;
  • Use Shopify’s photo editor to slightly modify dimensions and pixel contrast for each of the manufacturer photo used in your product listing;
  • Name product image files in a manner consistent with our SEO best practices (UPCs, hyphens, Give10Back, Give-10-Back, Give-Ten-Back, Fundraiser, etc.)
  • Copy image file names into ALT tag fields for optimum SEO;
  • Tag product listings using our internal category menu mapping system;
  • Stow products in the correct inventory location;
  • Store products on a clean, climate friendly, protected shelf;

Additional responsibilities may include:

  • Proper box size selection balancing product safety with minimum shipping dimensions;
  • Careful and meticulous assembly and taping of shipping boxes;
  • Picking and packing of purchase products;
  • Use best practices when it comes to safely and snugly cushioning items in boxes;
  • Proper arrangement and presentation of in-box red, white & blue (Give10Back logo colors) tissue paper;
  • Consistent placement and affixing of shipping labels;
  • Proper length, alignment and use of Give10Back colored / logo tape;


  • Intermediate MS Excel skills;
  • Prior e-commerce (eBay / Amazon) listing experience prefered but not required;
  • Photo editing software experience a plus;
  • Selling on FaceBook, i.e. Social Commerce, a plus;

To apply please email your resume to [email protected]

Thank you!