10% of Every Sale Benefits Your Organization - Up to 75% OFF Brand Name Merchandise & Everyday Items


You Shop. You Save. We Give.

For a list of Fundraising related FAQs click here.

What is Give 10 Back's return policy.  

We offer free returns within 30 days of delivery.  Unfortunately we cannot make a donation for items that are returned. Before returning an item that met it's description we would urge you to first consider the shipping cost, donation cost, and environmental cost of returning a perfectly good item.  

What is Give10Back?

Part deal site, part fundraiser, and part environmental surrogate, Give 10 Back is an easy way for you to make three amazing things happen all at once. First, you save money...lots of money. Up to 75% OFF retail. Second, you help those in need. 10% of EVERY sale goes to your designated organization – at no cost to you, and last, but certainly not least, you help safeguard the Earth by buying an otherwise 'orphaned' product. (Here's what customers have to say...)

How do I shop at Give10Back.com?

Simply go to Give10Back.com on your computer or mobile device, click 'Create Account', pick a school, church or cause that's near and dear to you (for example, your child's Boy/Girl Scout Troop), and start shopping, saving & helping!

Just as first time shoppers on Amazon.com and Walmart.com need to create a ‘customer’ account before they can start purchasing items, you too will need to create a customer account on Give10Back.com. It’s fast and easy. Simply click ‘My Account’ in the top right hand menu bar on Give10Back.com. Here you can either ‘Create Account’ or ‘Login’ if you’ve previously created a shopping account. ‘Create Account’ is also where you select the organization you want to benefit. (There's never any cost to you). By selecting an organization you are designating which organization will receive Give10Back's 10% donation. You only need to do this once. All subsequent purchases you make are automatically credited to whichever organization you previously designated. (Please note that a ‘customer’ account is different than an organization’s ‘Fundraising Registration Account’. More information on registering your organization to conduct a Give10Back fundraiser.)

How can Give10Back.com offer such deep discounts on brand name products?

Major retailers often liquidate their brand name overstocks, shelf-pulls, and seasonal merchandise. We are able to sort, inspect and resell this inventory at a significant discount off of the original MSRP.

How do I select an organization to support when shopping on Give10Back.com?

It's simple. When you purchase your first item on Give10Back.com you will be prompted to choose an organization that will automatically receive donations (at no cost to you) starting with that purchase. All subsequent purchases on at Give10Back.com will support your designated organization.

If you don't have a specific school, church or organization you would like to support, you can simply select "Charity of the Month" to have a portion of the proceeds from your transactions donated to a different worthy cause each month.

Can I change which school, church, cause or organization receives the 10%?

Yes, you can change which organization or cause receives the 10% donation at any time. However, prior purchases cannot be credited to the newly designated organization or cause. To change which organization or cause receives the 10% donation please go to My Account where you can choose any of our registered organizations to receive credit for your future purchases.

How do I register my organization to participate in a Give10Back.com online shopping fundraiser?

Registering your school, church, non-profit organization or cause is simple! Just register online and we will send you an email with tips on promoting your fundraising drive and other helpful information.

How much of my purchase does Give10Back.com donate?

Give10Back.com will automatically donate 10% of your purchase price (at no cost to you) to your designated organization or cause. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges.

Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases on Give10Back.com?

Donations are made by Give10Back.com and therefore are not tax deductible by you.