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Guide To A Successful Fundraiser

IMPORTANT (Please read before continuing):

The #1 key to your school/organization earning a big fundraising check EVERY month is letting parents & your supporters know 'what's in it for them'. So what is in it for them? What will make them want to participate time and time again? Well, simply put, unbeatable savings. By introducing Give10Back.com to your supporters you're helping them buy their favorite brand name items at much lower prices than they would have paid elsewhere - and you've helped your organization raise money at the same time! Unlike other fundraisers, where you're asking parents/supporters to do your organization a favor, with a Give10Back fundraiser you're doing them a favor, i.e. saving them lots of money while providing an easy and free way for them to donate to your organization. People don't get annoyed when you try to save them money. On the contrary, they appreciate it - no matter how many times you remind them. If you follow these simple instructions below you will be on your way to an ever growing, recurring stream of fundraising revenue.

STEP #1: It All Starts With You.


It all starts with you, the sponsor. That is, the person that registered your organization.

Have you (the sponsor) purchased something on Give10Back.com? We recommend you lead by example and make the first purchase. There’s no risk. Give10Back.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee on everything. Buy something you really want or something you planned on buying anyway - and do it guilt free - knowing you saved a lot of money AND helped kick start your organization’s fundraiser.

BONUS: Your first purchase automatically qualifies your organization to receive your FREE Multi-Classroom Prize Pack & $180 FREE ‘Good Deed Dollars’ to help inspire & reward students.

Download The Sponsor Message

STEP #2: 'Evangelize'. 

All successful fundraisers have one thing in common, a core group of 2, 3, or 4 'evangelists'. Using your own personal buying experience with Give10Back as inspiration, ask your 'core' fundraising team members to follow your lead and individually purchase something (anything), save A LOT of money, and even more importantly, support your school, church, or charity. Encourage them to compare Give10Back.com's pricing to other online retailers and see the incredible savings for themselves and to purchase something for themselves, their families, or friends and experience firsthand Give10Back's low prices, free & fast shipping, attentive and careful packaging, the item itself, and the feeling they get from knowing they just helped support their school, church, or favorite charity.

HINT: Take a moment to show your team the Give10Back.com website on your phone, send them a link to Give10Back.com via text message so they don’t forget, have them watch the video, and follow up with them in a few days. (See how Give10Back stacks up against other online leading retailers).

It sounds easy enough but people are busy - you have to ‘intervene’. Once each member of your core fundraising team has been delighted by their experience, have each of them 'evangelize' to their closest friends and family. After this initial effort the fundraiser quickly spreads as the expanding group of 'evangelists', in turn, tells their family, friends, neighbors, & coworkers. (Easy to use sample template to remind supporters to register as customers).

NOTE: Yes, we’re asking you to invest some time and energy to get your fundraiser going (like any other annual fundraiser) EXCEPT unlike other fundraisers Give10Back builds upon itself (repeat customers) thus paying YOUR GROUP dividends forever – once you’ve done a good job ‘planting’ it your Give10Back fundraiser will continue to blossom and grow - without the need to jump start it each year. Your small investment of time and energy now will be rewarded for a long time to come. But it all begins with you…


STEP #3: Promote Your Give10Back Fundraiser.


Download and distribute this FREE customizable informational flyer to your supporters. Post it on your organization’s FaceBook page –and- your website with a link to Give10Back.com. Also, print it and send the flyer home with students and/or email it to parents & local business supporters.

Help increase support for your Give10Back fundraiser by copying & pasting our informational video link into your FaceBook page, website, & and in your newsletter: https://player.vimeo.com/video/239001209

Not sure what to write on FaceBook? Click here for a sample FaceBook post you can customize, copy, and paste onto your organization’s FaceBook page. Need help? Contact us at [email protected]

Download School Flyer (English)
Download School Flyer (Spanish)
Download Church Flyer (English)
Download Church Flyer (Spanish)

STEP #4: Let Your Supporters Know What's In It For Them.


The only thing standing between you and earning thousands of dollars in fundraising revenue is 'awareness'. Simply put, once your supporters become aware of the amazing savings Give10Back.com has to offer and how it helps support your organization you’ll begin reaping the fundraising benefits for years to come. But first, your supporters need to know ‘what’s in it for them.’ Here are some FREE marketing materials you can use to tell them year round...

Promo Ads For Schools
Promo Ads for Churches
Promo Ads for Non-Profits

NOTE: Insert these Promo Ads in printed flyers, in your FaceBook posts, in emails to parents & supporters, in your newsletter, and on
your website.

STEP #5: Earn Your FREE Multi-Classroom Prize Pack Starter Kit & $180 ‘Good Deed Dollars’.


After you or any one of your supporters purchases ANY deeply discounted brand name product (up to 75% OFF) on Give10Back.com, your school or organization automatically qualifies for a FREE Multi-Classroom Prize Pack Starter Kit (100+ Items) PLUS $180 FREE 'Good Deed Dollars' for you to reward students (as you see fit) for things such as attendance, grades, good deeds, recycling, & even helping support your other fundraisers!

That’s right, we don’t just help your Give10Back online shopping fundraiser – we help ALL of your school fundraisers!

Download Prize Pack Flyer (English)
Download Prize Pack Flyer (Spanish)

STEP #6: Keep Your Eye On The Prize(s).


In addition to earning 10% OF EVERY SALE PTAs, PTOs, & Schools can WIN UP TO $2,000 EVERY MONTH! WIN as often as you like! There are no restrictions on winning!

Here's how it works:

$1,000 per month is awarded to the PTO, PTA, or School that has the highest sales on Give10Back.com.


$1,000 per month is awarded to a PTO, PTA, or School by a lottery drawing.

For every $1 in sales on Give10Back.com a PTO, PTA, or School will be credited 1 lottery ticket. The PTO, PTA, or School that sells the most and wins the first $1,000 prize would also have the most tickets and therefore the best chance to win the second $1,000. That's potentially $2,000 EVERY month PLUS we also donate 10% of all sales to your PTO, PTA, or School.

Download The Cash Prize Flyer