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Student Prize Pack & 'Good Deed Dollars' Awards Program


After you or any one of your supporters purchases ANY deeply discounted brand name product (up to 75% OFF) on Give10Back.com, your school or organization automatically qualifies for a FREE Multi-Classroom Student Prize Pack Starter Kit (100+ Items) PLUS $180 in FREE 'Good Deed Dollars'.

Don't worry, our system will see when the first purchase is made by you or on your organization's behalf. We will then immediately mail you your FREE Student Prize Pack with over 100 cool prizes kids love along with stacks of emoji-faced 'Good Deed Dollars'.

Once you receive your Student Prize Pack be sure to show your students all of the cool prizes and collectible emoji dollars. Don't forget to explain to them how they can earn these 'Good Deed Dollars':

At Home: The more often parents & supporters shop & save on Give10Back, the more Good Deed Dollars students earn. (We include 5 Good Deed Dollars in every shipment. The more they shop the more they earn!)

At School: Reward your students (at your discretion) for performing good deeds as such as attendance, grades, lending a helping hand, recycling, & even supporting your other fundraisers, e.g. Box Tops, etc. That’s right, we don’t just help your Give10Back online shopping fundraiser – we help ALL of your school fundraisers!

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