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K-1020-61 Hero Ninja Sword

Product Description

This item is a shelf pull (New Condition) from a major online retailer.

K-1020-61 Hero Ninja Sword - This item is in great condition and has never been used or removed from its original retail packing. The sword comes with its original carrying case and is made out of stainless steel. Perfect for display in your home or as part of any collection!


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  • Brand New - The item is sealed in the retail packaging and is a brand new, never opened, never used item.  The item is comparable to what you would expect to buy from any major retailer's store shelf. 
  • New (Damaged Box) - The item itself is new, however, the box may have slight cosmetic damage from labels, tape, dented corners, rips, etc.  The box damage has not caused any damage to the item inside.